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Poetry / Roddie McKenzie


Issue 2. June 21, 2021

Tangerine glow lightens as it diffuses
from the rusty edge of the western skyline;
suffusing into a frieze of lemon green.
Invisible brushwork,
effortlessly moves it through acid green to peppermint,
seamless, as the transitions in dreams.
Scaffolded against this primal skyscape
the child-like crayoning of the distant Tay rail bridge
is puny in comparison.
In the gloaming, Venus suspended from the horns
of a witch`s moon, catches the eye,
stunning, against the cobalt blue, ice-scoured
bowl of the sky. 
Orion, the hunter, climbs up the coast from the east.
Black giants on the horizon come to life.
The Fife hills buck like a kelpie, 
stampeding upriver to Perth
momentarily pausing for breath at the vanishing point,
before galloping up the Braes of the Carse.
Ancient drums seem to clatter across the riparian slopes
from long gone Celtic camps
the twilight of reason, fades into the carnality of night.
My boot lashes the horsepower,
I`m eager,
for a weekend of feasting.

Roddie McKenzie lives in Dundee and is a member of The Wyvern Poets and Nethergate Writers. He has published short stories in Nethergate Writers' anthologies since 2006. His poetry and prose have appeared in: Lallans,“Seagate III”, New Writing Scotland 35, Northwords Now 36, Writers Cafe Magazine 16 and “Rebel”. For further details see: and

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