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Poetry / Judy Decroce
'Troubling Issues at Woods’

Issue 2. June 21, 2021


To whom it may concern,
I have been living a very quiet life here, in Woods. 
I don’t have bothersome pets nor do I play loud music
or disturb any faraway neighbors.
My house may seem extreme, but since the architect
was fond of whimsy, who is to blame?
It has come to my immediate attention that vandalism
and disparaging remarks have made life impossible.
First the vandalism...
Fourteen of my Hershey shingles have disappeared
along with a gumdrop door pull,
and an entire wall of gummy bears!
This is not an accident of weather or animal grazing.
But children visiting my property, they are eating their way
over my house.
Yes, I have seen the evidence
in stuffed pockets and chocolate laughter as they run off.
The second, is the rumor that I (witch.)
A person is allowed to wear anything they want.
I find black slimming.  And the tall hat, adds height.
A witch?  Please!!
I’m a vegan.   My kettle bubbles with vegetable soup most days.
The cages?  Leftovers from my homing pigeon hobby!
And the huge oven?  Pizzas!  A catering business of mine
that just might take off.  But who knows now with all the bad press.
I hope this letter finds you, or pox on you!
Morticia W. Itch


Judy DeCroce is an internationally published poet, flash fiction writer, educator, and avid reader whose recent works have been published by The BeZine, Brown Bag Online, North of Oxford, The Poet Magazine, Amethyst Review, The Wild Word, OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters, and many journals and anthologies. As a professional storyteller and teacher of that genre, she also offers, workshops for all ages in flash fiction. Judy lives and works in upstate New York with her husband poet/artist, Antoni Ooto.

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