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Poetry / Ariel K. Moniz

'On Magic & Hunger’

Issue 2. June 21, 2021


He took her from the sea
with thoughts of making her a woman.
He devoured her magic,
flesh off the stubborn bone
mourned with angry fist the loss
of what richness he had taken
of what divinity he had touched
what he thought he had treasured
like pearl or sea glass—
it must have melted
like sugar in water
it must have fizzled
like salt in flame.
He thought that vibrant place
between her legs,
that place of ocean tides
and archaic secrecy,
made her a woman.
He thought that those cries
she made in the night,
the way her eyes waxed wide
and the way he kept her close
made him a man.
He did not know
that her magic
made her a woman,
that his hunger
made him a man.

Ariel K. Moniz is a queer Black poet, witch, and avid reader. A Hawaii local currently living in Germany, she spends much of her time writing, daydreaming, and missing the sea. Her poems have found homes with Bloodbath Literary Zine, The Raven Review, Royal Rose Magazine, and Sunday Mornings at the River Press, among others. She is currently writing her first novel and a full length collection of poetry. You can find her on her website:

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