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Art + Poetry /

Emir Devlin & Erin Devlin

Issue 1. February 01, 2021




A mantle of grey sets upon

the ageing day, resting its

heaviness above the

living bodies just as

the dormant, requiring

no greeting nor rise

from the slumbers but from

those who still are moved,

who still must listen

to the sorrowful cry of

the tearing day.

It lets fall into their spirals

the damp reminder of

its truth, caring to instil

into those who still

have not found epilogue

the faint value of

breath; how it kneels

before the spirit's


It falls, tapping its song,

announcing its unwillingness

to succumb to the drop;

its premeditated

return to the crib that

awaits beyond




Sacred Soil

A holy mountain called home
seeps into the burnt, blonde
blanket of fields that lie
upon the earth.
She hands out her heart in
a handful of figs, exposing
the bloody seeds of
their pulp; in the distant bark
of stray dogs looking for
someone to quench
their solitude.
She holds the black hands
of farmers, the ancient
lovers who belong
to her more than their
summer fields gripped
upon the back of
the land, like a fearful child
holds on to her
father's shoulders.
She is the breath of a
faint insect screaming into
the night, she makes
the moss sing its hopeful
songs, she is the shoulders
of giant that man must
stand on to
see himself.

'Off and Away'


Off and Away

She comes in waves, she
brings the crashing howl of
the sea and the peaceful
silence that resides under
the cave of a tree.
She survives the pollution
of vanity and greed,
the pretension of owning
what cannot belong;
She keeps a solitude
as frugal and rare
as is precious.
She comes and goes,
the mother of all things,
like the spring of youth and
the fear of time that
brings forth wild
fires and fireflies.

All poems written by Erin Rizzato Devlin;

All visual art painted by Emir Elisa Rizzato.

Erin is an independent writer based in Glasgow. With an early vocation for written word, environmental sensibility and impulsive action, she has been journeying through an entanglement of philosophy, journalism and politics.

Emir Elisa is a visual artist formed on the Italian coast of the Mediterranean. She has followed her calling for an eclectic and intimate style of drawing and painting through the art of portrait and careful detailing.

Càrna is an artistic and political project conducted by a sisterhood of poet and artist who seek to create an island of thought where creativity and politics come together. Through the power of visual art and written word, they aim to communicate environmental sustainability and social responsibility in a new, creative way. Website: Insta: @carnamag. Facebook: @carnamag. 

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