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Tether's End is an online literary magazine dedicated to publishing prose, poetry, creative non-fiction and art + photography, with a particular interest in literary fiction and the short story. We are passionate about uplifting new and established writers from all backgrounds, and those from the North of England. Send us your voice-driven, unforgettable work; your stories that get under our skin. Visit our submissions page for more guidelines or read our masthead to find out more about what we're looking for.

'Tether's End?'

A magazine solely for those at the end of their tether? We're a-frayed knot, though we may be at the end of ours...

Our name comes from a handwritten sign which hangs over a small corner of a bungalow garage in East Yorkshire. We want to see writing as eclectic as its contents.

The end of one's tether (chiefly British, informal): a state in which one is not able to deal with a problem, difficult situation, etc., any longer. "I'm at the end of my tether."



Lydia Waites

Editor-in-Chief / Fiction Editor

Lydia is a writer and MA Creative Writing graduate based in East Yorkshire. Her work has appeared in The Abandoned Playground, FEED, Door Is a Jar, and as part of the Refugee Poetry Project for the International Refugee Poetry Network.

Short stories and literary fiction are her area. Her favourite writers include Sara Baume and Ali Smith.

Samuel McDonald

Poetry Editor

Sam is a poet and MA Creative Writing graduate based in Cambridge. His work has appeared in the San Antonio Review, The Raven Review, and The Dead Magpie.

He is particularly interested in visual and object poems, and the work published in Poem Atlas.

Davina Kaur

Non-Fiction Editor

Davina is a writer and an English Graduate from the University of Lincoln. Her work has been published in Litgleam, Second Revolution Literary Magazine and Trill Magazine. You'll find her researching different True Crimes or Paranormal stories and writing about them on her blog Words by Davina. She watches a lot of horror films 'just to feel something.' 

She specialises in Non-Fiction, and enjoys articles that are personal to the writer. The more moving and eclectic, the better.

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